Friday, February 8, 2013

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

This is the first novel in the On Dublin Street series by Samantha Young.

When Jocelyn was a freshman in high school, she got the tragic news that her mother, father, and baby sister were killed instantly in a car accident. Because she was a minor and had no other family, she had to go into the foster system for the next four years.

During those four years, she also lost her best friend who died at a party, so Joss was very guarded and secretive. She didn't get close to anyone again and was very quiet about her past and her likes/dislikes.

After college, Joss moved to Scotland and pursued her dream to be a published writer. Her parents had a lot of money with her father's job, so she didn't have to worry about working a steady job to pay rent/food, etc.

Joss had to go into her trust fund, though, when she was looking for a new apartment. Ellie's apartment was great and was close to the pub she worked at a few nights a week, so she decided to move in.

And the first thing that happens to her when she has the apartment to herself and taking a bath, Ellie's older brother Braden walked in. On Joss. Naked.

The attraction between them is undeniable. But Joss will not let Braden get inside. She will not allow herself to care about someone because it will just mean more hurt later.

Except that Braden and Ellie are worming their way inside. She is starting to care for them and after she makes an arrangement with Braden to just have a physical relationship with him rather than going out as girlfriend/boyfriend, she's have all sorts of feelings that she doesn't want.

Just when things seem to be going great in Joss's life, another tragedy happens - this time, it's Ellie who got sick and may be dying.

Joss wants out. She doesn't want to go through another death and is ready to run away.

But now she's dedicated to this family. She doesn't know what to do, but either way, things are about to change in Joss's life. Read On Dublin Street by Samantha Young to find out what happens!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Just a forewarning, this is a NEW ADULT novel, which means that it's a little bit more mature and graphic than a YA novel but not too racy like an adult novel. Mainly, New Adult (NA) novels are set in college and are about characters who are starting to grow up, but still do things that are immature.

I really liked this novel! It was a random pick from Target when I got a gift card and I was intrigued by the synopsis - so glad I grabbed it!

I can see similarities to 50 Shades of Grey, but it's more low key. The guy is rich and the girl just got out of college who wants to work with books. Other than that, things start to become more On Dublin Street rather than 50.

I cannot even imagine what Joss went through. To hear that your whole family is gone one day and then having to spend the next four years with strangers? I think Joss did very well under the circumstances.

And I love Braden! He knew he couldn't treat Joss the way he usually acts around females and knew how to make her comfortable by being with him. He was trying to get her to loosen up so he can slowly pick away at the wall around her heart that she has built for the past 8 years.

So yes, I very much enjoyed this novel and I think fans of 50 would like it as well. I would also say that older teens/20 years olds would really enjoy this book since it's an NA novel.

This is part of a series, but the second book following is not about Joss and Braden's story. Rather, it's about a secondary character, Jo, who Joss works with at the pub, and her unique lifestyle that she has in order to survive. It sounds very entertaining and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it to see what Young has in store for Jo.

I would definitely recommend this novel (I already have!) and I think many might enjoy this story line!

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