Monday, February 11, 2013

Major Crush by Jennifer Echols

Out of the blue, Virginia gave up her crown and tiara's of being a pageant girl and decided to join the high school marching band. However, she didn't want to be a part of the band - she wanted to be the drum major and lead the marching band.

Which meant she had to compete against Drew, previous drum major for the last two years.

So it was to everyone's surprise when both Drew and Virginia were chosen to be the drum majors. The first time in their school's history where there were two leaders, let alone the first time that one was a female.

This made the relationship and work area very tense between Drew and Virginia, but after they tanked their first performance at the football game, they realized that they have to get over their anger and tension if they want their marching band to compete against other schools.

However, Virginia is having a hard time of with since Drew's girlfriend, the Evil Twin, keeps spreading rumors about her. So Drew and Virginia make a pact - they will play nice and be friends, and try to win the competitions - otherwise they might as well quit while they were ahead.

It's a good thing Virginia has Allison, her best friend and fellow pageant girl, to keep her sane so she can vent about all of the dreadful things that have happened.

Like, for instance, the new band director making Virginia wear a mini skirt and knee high boots instead of the normal drum major uniform.

And that Drew and Virginia have to do a dip for their performance, meaning that they need to be extremely close to each other, even though they can't stand being around the other.

But things are staring to change. Now that they are friends, they are getting along with one another. And for some reason, Virginia is having romantic thoughts about Drew? So not going to happen for many, many reason.

Everything gets blown up, though, when Drew and Virginia find out who really got the most votes to be the next drum major. Because no matter who got it, the tension shot rocket high between the two of them. And somehow, the deepest secret Virginia has about her family was leaked - but she only told one person what that secret was...

Can Drew and Virginia work things out? Can they both be drum majors and maybe even date one another? Or will there be too much tension between their past and present that they can't overcome? Read Major Crush by Jennifer Echols to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
I'm getting closer and closer to my goal of reading all of Jennifer Echols novels! I think I have one more to read before I'm caught up with the published novels :D

This was a cute novel. I have no knowledge of marching band, so it was all very interesting to me. I was pretty amazed at how popular marching band is in this novel - is it like this for all schools?

Well anyway, I loved Virginia. She didn't take crap from anyone and had some sass to go along with it. Plus I loved how she had her nose pierced and everyone thought it was a crime.

Virginia had a lot of courage to stop pageant showing and do something that she actually wanted to do. And she was proud to be the drum major, even if the whole band was angry she took Drew's thunder by making them partners.

So, yeah, this was a cute novel. I liked how I was introduced to a different topic in a YA novel and a topic that hasn't been written about too much - at least one that I haven't heard too much about.

And I also liked how Drew worked in a family business where he was trying to get out of it, so he was very intense and serious until it came around Virginia, who seemed to push all of his buttons to let him speak his mind for once, instead of the "proper" thing to do.

My favorite part was when Drew wouldn't yell at his evil girlfriend because "a gentleman doesn't yell at girls", but when he got around Virginia, all he seemed to do was yell at her :) Oh, and how Virginia kept stealing Drew's marching band shoes so he had to march in his normal shoes. Ah, the small details in this story that cracked me up!

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