Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From What I Remember... by Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas

Kylie wakes up in an unknown room with a massive hangover. Once the room stops spinning, she realizes that she is in bed with Max Langston - the popular, smoking hot boy she has known for 6 years, but hasn't said more than 10 words to.

And she realizes that her graduation ceremony is in 7 hours, and she's in Mexico. A bit problematic, since she is the valedictorian.

Flash back two days, to find out that Kylie is partnered with Max for a horrendous last assignment for English - one she is determined to do so her GPA won't go down and she could lose her spot as the valedictorian.

Only Max couldn't give a flying care for the assignment, and it's a partner assignment. When Kylie and Max get together to work on it, Kylie's backpack is stolen. She will not lose her backpack because her laptop is in there.

With her valedictorian speech. And her screen play she's been writing for 2 years.

So she chases after the thief, with Max trailing behind her. Then they go into the van the bag was placed in, only to find themselves trapped when the dealers start the car and drive.

And the next thing they know, they get out of the van in Mexico without their passports...

Kylie is very studious and serious, so this does not bode well for her plans for graduation  But what is a girl to do when she's stranded in Mexico with a cute boy? Lose all sense of self-control, get drunk for the first time, dance and party, and - wait - did she wake up with a wedding ring?!

As for Max, he has no idea why he followed crazy Kylie into the van and found himself in Mexico the day before graduation.  And the attraction he is feeling for Kylie? Not supposed to happen - especially since he is dating Lily, and has been dating her for a year.

Lily's life is falling apart and all she wants is to cling to Max and hope that he can make it all better. Because now that her life is done for, she will need Max more than ever...

When Max and Kylie get stranded, Kylie calls her best friend, Will, who is getting their passports and crossing the boarder to come save them.

And Will is having a great time with this situation. He's been wanting Kylie to loosen up for years, and it finally happen. He is not going to miss a moment of this. And he might just find a cute boy while in Mexico as well.

But everything comes crashing when Lily finds out about Max and Kylie - when she, Max's best friend Charlie, Will, Kylie and Max are all in Mexico the day of graduation.

Can they all make it back in time to graduate with their classmates, or will it be too late? And what is happening between the studious, serious Kylie and the popular, slacker Max? Read From What I Remember... by Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Oh my. After reading the description, I knew this book would have some laughs, but I thought this book was hilarious! I'm glad Goodreads recommended it to me and I'm really happy it was located in my library, because this book kept my eyes glued to it until I finished it!

This book is told through multiple viewpoints, including Kylie, Max, Will, Lily and Jake, Kylie's younger brother. And I really enjoyed each viewpoint because it gave a different sense to the book, getting different thoughts and also different settings than a book from one point of view.

I have to say, the best parts (the hilarious parts) was when Will was somehow involved. Will is very gay, and he's proud of it, even though he gets crap from his classmates. Also, him and Kylie are movie nerds and quote so many great movies, I was quoting with them!

Kylie is a hoot. She is so shy and quiet at school, but when she is driving away from the goons that "kidnapped" her across the border, she's suddenly a character from Fast and Furious where she is a daredevil and has a very clear mind in intense, critical conditions.

Sure, this book had some scenes where it was literally too good to be true, but overall I really loved it. The reader got to see Kylie finally be a high school girl who gets to party for the first time. She lives in the moment, rather than thinking about what her actions will cost her the next day.

And Max! He's so loud and popular and brave when he's around his friends at school, but the minute they get chased by the thieving goons, he becomes a sniveling scardy cat while Kylie is taking control. It was so funny that I could picture it exactly how it was happening.

Yes, I would definitely recommend this novel to readers. Some parents may not like their teenage children reading this because of the underage drinking, but since most kids do anyway, I don't see the harm. It's about learning how to prioritize and let loose every once in awhile. Plus, it's just plain hilarious and the reader will be flying through the novel, even though it's over 400 pages!

Great novel. Very glad I read it!

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