Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The D.U.F.F. by Kody Keplinger

Bianca is best friends with Jessica and Casey. Her friends also happen to be drop dead gorgeous and supermodel tall. Bianca never really noticed that though, until Wesley.

Wesley, the arrogant man-slut at school. He doesn't hide that he gets around with girls, but he's also very nice to them and treats them with honesty.

Though he was brutally honest when he told Bianca that she was the DUFF of her friends - the designated ugly fat friend.

So it goes to show that Bianca cannot stand Wesley, even though the whole school drools over him.

But with troubles at home and Bianca isn't able to talk to Casey or Jessica about it, Bianca starts to lean on Wesley a little bit. Okay, a lot in the fact that she sleeps with him. A lot. It's not a relationship because they are both using one another and have an agreement that no one can know about it. But it's a way to relieve the stress they are feeling from their home life.

Because Bianca's parents aren't doing so well. In fact, after traveling for two years, her mother sent her father divorce papers in the mail. And then her father, a recovering alcoholic, goes on a drinking spree.

After a few months of being with Wesley, she calls it off and starts dating the boy of her dreams from the beginning of the school year: Toby.

But why does Toby's touch feel different than Wesley's? And why does she think about Wesley, period?! Maybe it's because he keeps sending her notes, and calls her and texts her. Isn't he the one that is the player and doesn't stay with one person for more than a month?

And then there are the times that she day dreams about Wesley, not Toby. It seems she may have grown attached to Wesley...

What will Bianca do? Stay with Toby, the guy she's destined to be with because they are so similar or try to handle Wesley, the guy that she can't get out of her head? Read The DUFF by Kody Keplinger to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Kody Keplinger has become a fast author that I have immensely enjoyed reading! She has three novels out and I devoured every single one of them. I also really enjoyed them because they are different from each other.

This novel is no different, though I found it more rough than the others. To be called a DUFF behind your back is one thing, but Bianca was told that she was a DUFF to her face. I don't know how she handled it, but I probably would have done the same thing she did and just believed it to make me feel better. Knowing something and living up to it is sometimes easier than trying to prove it's wrong.

I did laugh out loud during the first time Bianca and Wesley kiss - well Bianca kissing Wesley when he wasn't expecting it. I can only imagine how shocked he was, but he didn't waste any time kissing her back, that's for sure.

Actually, Bianca threw Wesley off quite a bit. The playboy was shocked by the DUFF - that throws a twist into things and makes it even better because he's supposed to be ready for everything. Bianca definitely took him by surprise.

I felt for both Bianca and Wesley because they were having crappy family problems. And they both felt that they couldn't tell their friends because they didn't want to burden them, so they confided in each other. Not something either of them thought they would be doing, but it definitely helped them both.

I cannot wait for more of Keplinger's novels! She does a wonderful job with her books and I'm always sucked into them - usually reading them in one sitting! This book took me less than a day to read - that's how devoted to it I was!

I think teen girls would really love her novels, and this one deals with self-image that I think any females can relate to at one point in their life (usually high school). So I would definitely recommend this book to others!

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