Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bound by Guilt by C. J. Darlington

Roxi Gold
A 16-year-old teenager who has been parentless since she was 8. Her mother was a drug addict when Roxi lived with her and then was a charge of the state when social workers found out that Marie, her mother, had a serious addiction.

Now Roxi is living with distant relatives after horrible foster family situations. However, as well as living with family can be, Roxi is part of the "family business" where her aunt, cousin, and her steal rare and expensive books to sell online to make money.

Abby Dawson
A 41-year-old cop who lives alone and tries to contact her 16-year-old daughter, Kat, but finds that her daughter doesn't want anything to do with the woman who birthed her finds out that her younger brother was murdered in his bookstore.

Abby just got suspended from her detective work for 2 weeks and then had to deal with the details of her brother's death, making Abby act rashly and not at all like the cop she has been for the last 18 years of service.

Roxi and Abby
Even though Roxi and Abby don't realize it, they are connected after the accidental murder of Hunter Dawson: one running away from the horrible incident and the other running to find the murderer and close the case.

The hardships Roxi goes through during this novel show how not every teenager is blessed with a family, a roof over their head, or someone to lean on when times are tough. Abby's life is bleak and lonesome after she takes a hard look at what's happened with her family and her estranged daughter who she doesn't know anymore.

This novel shows the destitution and unhappiness that can occur, but how far some are willing to go to have the life they deserve and the life they want to happen for themselves.

I would recommend this novel. It might be a little slow reading, but the reader can feel the emotions that the two main characters feel throughout the story. Also, it's about books, rare books, and I couldn't pass up a story revolving around my favorite pastime hobby :-)

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  1. Thanks very much for reading and posting a review of my book Bound by Guilt! Loved hearing what you thought. :)