Friday, January 27, 2012

Indigo Blues by Danielle Joseph

Indigo Jackson is a senior in high school ready to go off to college. She's also getting a bad reputation from the newest hit single "Indigo Blues" written and sung by her ex-boyfriend, Adam Spade in his band, Blank Stare.

Becoming "famous" was never Indigo's intention. In fact, she would rather NOT be as well known as she is because it is interrupting her normal, everyday life. Now she has to dodge classmates wanting her autograph, host show sponsors on TV, and Adam's phone calls every day or so.

Adam was very upset when Indigo said she wanted a break from their relationship. He wrote the song in anger and hurt, not knowing he was going to produce the next big hit song. Now he has to try to figure out his feelings toward Indigo now, while scrambling to write another hit song to save his band from being a "one hit wonder".

Both Adam and Indigo are angry at one another - one for breaking up and breaking his heart, the other for having a song written about her that portrayed her as a mean, callous person. Will they ever be able to get over their anger and be friends again, or is the damage done and can't be fixed?

My Thoughts/Reflections
This was a short, easy read and I enjoyed hearing both Adam and Indigo's stories through alternating chapters. I could see both viewpoints of why each character was angry from the break-up/creation of the song and it was nice to see them battling through the after effects of the song apart rather than together.

Throughout the novel, Indigo and Adam didn't see one another until the very end, so they were able to come to their real feelings without being influenced by one another's presence - which usually doesn't happen in relationship break ups for teens. Many times, they are still going to the same school together which makes the avoidance stage hard to do.

I would recommend this book to both genders of teenagers, and especially teens who like music. Being able to hear both Adam and Indigo's thoughts helps to better understand what they were going through and also makes this story relatable for both guys or girls who have been in a bad break-up.

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