Friday, January 20, 2012

Sticky Fingers by Niki Burnham

What does one do when, as a senior student, gets accepted into Harvard University through Early Admission? That means throughout the whole second semester of senior year, a high school student doesn't have to apply to anymore colleges.

Jenna Kassarian is that student. She has been working her tail off trying to get the best grades with the best after school activities to get into Harvard for college.

Right before Christmas, Jenna got the acceptance letter, so, really, what was Jenna to do with all of her free time not spending on applications?

Maybe have fun? Jenna's never had fun - she always spent an extra 10 minutes studying for an exam than talking gossip with her best friend, Courtney.

Jenna also has an amazing boyfriend, Scott, who they've been going out with for over a year and he wants to take their relationship to the next level. He also wants to get into Harvard, so they will hopefully be going to college together, and they are in love.

However, Jenna's not sure if she's ready for that commitment during this time of her life.

With the pressure from her boyfriend, and the weird vibe Jenna's been getting from Courtney, Jenna is not sure what has happened from getting her acceptance letter to going to a party - something Jenna is not known to do.

Is Jenna changing for the better or worse? Does Jenna want to change or is she feeling forced?

I really liked Sticky Fingers. I definitely didn't see the ending of this book, which was refreshing for me since many novels are predictable nowadays. If you are looking for a contemporary, real life story, this novel should definitely be on your list - especially if you are a senior high school girl finding yourself at crossroads between teenage years and "college years".

*Side Note* - I have no idea why this book is called Sticky Fingers. It wasn't mentioned at all in the novel (that I saw anyway). Whatever the title of the book is, though, I did enjoy reading Jenna's story and inner struggle about what to do with Scott, Courtney, school, and herself. Her character definitely developed throughout this novel.

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