Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Going off to college is a tough transition. Especially to a college that is far away and you only know one person: your ex. That's what happened to Courtney. She was dating Jordan when he tells her that he is seeing another girl through MySpace and that he wants to see other people rather than be in a committed relationship two weeks before they were going to road trip together to college in Boston (from Florida, mind you).

But. There are always two sides to every story. Lauren Barnholdt wrote this novel in a very interesting way. First, she wrote each chapter alternating the narrators. One chapter was through Courtney's viewpoint and then Jordan would get his say of what happened. However, Barnholdt switched it up even more by changing the time of the story. Some chapters were during the 3 day trip to Boston, when Courtney and Jordan were broken up, to 6 months before the trip when Jordan and Courtney were starting/currently dating.

The reader finds out throughout the series of narration exactly why Jordan broke up with Courtney and also how each character really felt about the other. After getting to Boston, Jordan and Courtney have to deal with the events that unfolded through those very long 3 days of their trip, while also transitioning into their college dorms and classes.

This was very well written. Barnholdt kept the reader in suspense as to what really happened between these two characters and was able to keep each characters thoughts unique to their own style, showing that each character really had strong emotions about the events that unfolded.

I think that this book could easily be read by both guys and girls because both characters were expressing their thoughts. I'm not used to reading a guy's perspective about starting a relationship and going to college with either a girlfriend or an ex-girlfriend, so being able to get some insight on Jordan's feelings was a great change.

While the trip might have been difficult for both Courtney and Jordan, they were able, in the end, to find the truth and be honest with one another, which is a hard thing to do. This would be a great story for anyone, whether they are in or just ended a relationship, scared about going to college or a new school, or having troubles with their parents. This book covers a lot of hard topics, making it a very relatable book to all audiences.

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