Friday, January 13, 2012

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

This is a great cover! Definitely
different than most that are out
Having to travel halfway across the world to be a part in your father's wedding is one of the worst feelings a 17 year old can feel. Just ask Hadley Sullivan. Her parents divorced 2 years prior, and while Hadley wasn't happy with their decision, she respected their choice.

When she was told she had to participate in her father's wedding with his soon-to-be wife who she's never met before - well she wasn't very willing or happy about that prospect. Off to London Hadley went, though, to be a part of her father's second marriage.

But fate has it's own way of choosing Hadley's future. On the day of her flight, just about everything went wrong, to traffic, clothes mishaps, fixing the bridesmaids dress, and finally, missing her flight by 4 minutes. Those 4 minutes was all it took to Hadley's future changing forever.

Those 4 minutes meant that Hadley met Oliver, a Britain who was traveling to London as well, on Hadley's new flight. And also happened to be sitting right next to her for 10 straight hours on the airplane.

Oliver was a great character to love at first sight - at least for me. He's charming, a gentleman, funny, mysterious, and, of course, has that British accent that very few can resist. His story was very emotional, but he's one tough cookie and definitely felt a connection with Hadley from the very beginning. 

During the flight, Hadley and Oliver talked about everything and nothing, but the attraction between the two was undeniable and when the flight ended, Hadley was upset that she would probably never see Oliver again.

Fate has its design though.

Jennifer E. Smith wrote a great story here! This touches a lot of tough subjects, from a teenager stuck with feelings from his/her parents divorce to meeting new "family" and not knowing if they are happy or mad about it, from meeting a stranger who understands your problems to figuring out what is really important and what can be forgiven.

I read this book within a day. It's easy to read, fun, and is a great love story - all of which happened in ONE DAY. This book gives hope for finding that one person and shows the inner struggle inside a girl stuck between her feelings for both parents.

This is a definite yes - a must read for everyone! Even though it's a girl narration, I think young guys would be interested in this story because it's a fun and relatable storyline that any gender could relate to if they've been through parents divorcing or traveling to a foreign country for a not-so-pleasant event.

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