Monday, January 23, 2012

Sea Change by Aimee Friedman

New Yorker, 16-year-old, Miranda Merchant is going to be a scientist. She even has an internship with the Museum of Natarual History for the summer to gain more experience with science topics.

Before she can start her internship, though, Miranda goes to Selkie Island to meet up with her mother. Her grandmother just passed away and both Miranda and her mother are getting the family house ready to sell since no one visits the island anymore.

Miranda is a level-headed girl, so when she hears the island stories about the kraken, sea monsters, and merfolk, she obviously thinks that they are just stories to bring in tourists.

After looking through the family house, reading a "historie" book about Selkie Island, and meeting a local boy, Leo, Miranda's not so sure if the stories are true or false anymore.

Being logical all of her life is making this trip on Selkie Island more confusing for Miranda. She's unsure why she feels the strong connection with Leo, but in the end she realizes that chemistry is more than a science experiment - it can be just a connection that ties two opposite people together.

Does the enchantment of the island keep Miranda's logical attention or will she want to go home to New York for her internship after her trip is finished? Read Sea Change to find out!

I really liked this novel. It has a little bit of science fiction, but enough contemporary issues to capture a wide variety of readers. The struggle that Miranda goes through with herself to determine if a legend is happening or if science is right and everyone on the island is just making up stories is amazing to see.

It's also very realistic when Miranda has to decide if the attraction between her and Leo is "for real" or just a rebellious streak she is having against her mother. I think a lot of teenage girls would like this storyline and the inner struggle Miranda has with her logical self vs. her romantic self.

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