Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wildfire - TV Series

Season 1
In 2005, ABC Family aired a new series called Wildfire. The show is now complete - it finished in 2008 after 4 seasons.

The show focuses on a Thoroughbred horse (Wildfire) and Kris Furillo, a  juvenile who was sent to juvie jail for stealing a car and "resisting arrest". Kris met Wildfire through the equine center at Camp Lagrange (the Juvie center) where Kris connected with Wildfire and they became amazing friends.

Season 2
In the first season, after Kris gets on parole from Camp Lagrange, Kris gets a chance to go to Raintree Farms where Pablo works. He was the trainer who helped the girls at Camp Lagrange with the horses and he saw Kris really care and connect with the horses.

Kris gets a job there and stirs up trouble between two close friends: Junior and Matt. Matt is the owners son at Raintree Farms and Junior is the family's rival farm (Davis Farm) and also very rich and successful. Raintree was not successful in their horse training and was struggling with money when the show starts.

Season 3
The longer Kris is at Raintree, the longer the tension gets between both Kris and Matt, and Kris and Junior. However, the training that Kris does with the horses turns out well - so well that she decides to get a jockey license to start professional racing.

This is a great series! I've actually watched the first 2 seasons when they aired and then watched the whole series twice - back to back! There are only 13 episodes in the 4 seasons (so 52 episodes total) and it is drama and action filled with every episode.

Season 4
Also, I was able to watch the show completely on, so if you're interested you can go on there and watch it for free! (Hint, hint!). ...Not that I'm trying to tell anyone to go watch them...right now...or anything!

While watching the show, you'll get emotionally attached to all of the characters. And! When Kris is racing in her jockey matches with her horses, it is very intense. I would go at times without breathing because I was waiting to see if she won or not. My heart was definitely racing by the end of each race and I was either very excited or very disappointed, depending the end results.

I think this show could be for any audience. I'm not a teen anymore and I still love this show - and this show has been finished for 4 years and I still think that teens today would like the storyline and characters in this show.

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