Wednesday, January 18, 2012

By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters

Daelyn Rice has tried to commit suicide twice, but in her words, she "failed" both times. This book follows Daelyn as she gets ready to attempt her third try.

In order to prepare herself, she finds a website called "Through the Light" where others sign in to talk about their experience with bullying, suicide attempts, sexual harassment, and ranting discussion boards with other people about to commit suicide.

The last attempt Daelyn tried to commit suicide, she ruined her vocal cords, which left her mute until they healed themselves. Everyone at school started calling her a freak. Before that, Daelyn was called the "fat girl" and other similar names because she was overweight.

Daelyn was tired of her life. Nothing seemed worth living for anymore, so, according to the website "Through the Light" her next attempt would be in 23 days.

As Daelyn was waiting for her parents to pick her up after school, a boy with bleach white hair sat next to her on the bench and started to talk to her. He didn't mind that Daelyn ignored him, he just kept talking.

Daelyn doesn't want to talk to Santana - she wants to be detached from everyone: classmates, teachers, parents, Santana. However, Santana starts to get under her cracks and she wonders if committing suicide is the right thing to do.

This wasn't my favorite book, but it was very informative on how a teenager feels when thinking about ending their life and the reasons why they would want to do it. Daelyn has had a hard life and sees no happiness in her future.

If you want a short read that goes into the heart and mind of a troubled, sad, hopeless teen, this would be a good book to pick. If you want a cheerful, uplifting book, I would not recommend this book.

So... does Daelyn succeed in her third suicide? Does she try to commit suicide again? Read this short story to find out for yourself! ;-)

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