Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crave by Melissa Darnell

This is the first novel in The Clann series by Melissa Darnell.

Savannah Colbert has always been shunned by the Clann students - 22 students at her high school who are always together and always find a way to make Savannah feel crappy about herself.

It doesn't help that she used to be friends with a few of them (the Brat twins and Tristan Coleman, who she "married" in 4th grade) before they started to pretend they never knew each other and when her family told her she couldn't be around them anymore.

And the worst part? Ever since Savannah can remember, she's had a crush on Tristan. Sure, she hasn't talked to him in 7 years, but it doesn't change the fact that she knows exactly where he is when they are in the same room together by the twinge she gets in her stomach.

Everything changes, though, after Savannah gets sick for a week. She comes to school as a different person - a person who Tristan cannot ignore anymore, no matter the rules he was told to stay away from her.

See, Tristan is a witch, a descendant, who is supposed to follow his father's footsteps and become the next leader of the Clann.

And Savannah is also a descendant, a Clann member. But her family was forced out of the Clann when Savannah's mother married a vampire - the Clann's worst enemy. Not only does that make Savannah half witch, it also makes her half vampire - a half blood.

When Savannah starts to get her vampire abilities, no one knows what to do, as there has never been a half-blood before. But she is being watched carefully by the vampire council, making sure she doesn't give into the bloodlust that fledgling vampires are known for.

It's also a little harder because now that Tristan's decided to go against his Clann's rules, he's been on pursuit to be with Savannah.

But will their relationship be the end of a reluctant peace between the witches and vampires? Or will Savannah and Tristan be able to salvage their relationship along with the tension between their two worlds? Read Crave by Melissa Darnell to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Now, I know, this is another vampire book. But it's also a witchcraft/magic book and a "Romeo + Juliet" book, so there's a lot to work with in this novel to appeal to a wide audience.

The situation that Tristan and Savannah are put in is probably worse than Romeo and Juliet. They've had this attraction toward one another since they were first introduced, and the time apart didn't change that.

In fact, it might have made it worse.

But because of Savannah's mixed species, she's a threat to Tristan. As a half vampire, she also has a demon species in her, an incubus. So whenever her and Tristan kiss, she's taking a part of his energy. And Savannah always has to fight the urge when she smells his blood.

I liked Savannah a lot. She was a fighter - probably fought longer than any other female would have fought with Tristan on her tail of trying to get her to date him. He was very persistent and she finally gave in.

I mean, if she HADN'T given in, I would have thought something would be wrong with her, but she put up a very good fight.

This was an interesting way to mix vampires and witches into a story. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't my favorite supernatural story I've read.

I will, though, read the rest of the series when it comes out. The second novel comes out in September 2012, so not too long of a wait to read the next barrier that comes between Tristan and Savannah.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants another vampire or witchcraft story. It is also told through both Savannah and Tristan's point of view, so it might attract teen guys to read it, but I would say it's mainly for teen girls.

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