Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fireworks by Niki Burnham, Erin Haft, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle

In this novel are 4 short stories by well-known authors about flying sparks during summer vacations. 

Miss Independent by Lauren Myracle: It's Megan's 18th birthday on July 4th. Instead of her usual ritual to go to the park with her family and watch the fireworks, Megan's cousin Porter Ann has hijacked her night, taking her to the new hip club in town. And also on Porter Ann's agenda? Getting Megan to get out of her shell and tell Pete that she likes him. Will Megan finally follow her feelings instead of her brain?

A Nice Fling is Hard to Find by Sarah Mlynowski: Lindsey is going to France for 11 days with her best friend Becca and Becca's twin brother, Tommy. They are in a group of about 15 and have a tour guide to take them to the best places in France. During this trip, Lindsey wants to have a fling with a foreign guy. She's never done anything daring so this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. But then Lindsey finds out that Tommy likes her! Will this change things for Lindsey's fling?

Cabin Fever by Erin Haft: Molly can't wait to go to camp. She has to get away from her young sister, and drama queen, Dakota and camp is her salvation. Unfortunately, Dakota has decided to come with, ruining Molly's summer by snatching her best friend Jess, catching the eye of her 6 year summer crush, River, and overall, taking over Molly's favorite place.

Night Swimming by Niki Burnham: The one time of year that Wynn hates is the summer time. She has very pale skin and doesn’t like to go outside in the sun and heat – she’d rather be indoors. Unfortunately, her friends all want to be outside and want Wynn to be there as well. This summer, though, she’s thought of a great plan: go to summer school in Delaware. It has “prepare for college” classes and it keeps Wynn out of the sun. What Wynn didn’t realize was that it was on the beach! Maybe her viewpoint will change with a cute guy named Caleb though?

My Thoughts/Reflections
These were cute stories about summer romances. I didn’t really enjoy the first two stories as I couldn’t get used to the main girl character. They seemed too whinny for my taste.

The last two stories were really good, though, by Erin Haft and Niki Burnham.

I liked Cabin Fever because it was outdoorsy and Molly was a great character. She was very mature and grown-up, even though she had a spoiled, overly dramatic little sister who liked to ruin her life.

And I liked Night Swimming by Niki Burnham. She was the one author of these 4 that I had read before this anthology. Wynn is a character that I could relate as I don't really go outside too much and prefer indoors. 

Fireworks was a fast pace book and I would recommend it to any teen girls who was a short and sweet summer romance story. 

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