Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

Theia has a very controlled life. Her father has a decent job, travels sometimes, and also has his secretary buy all of Theia's clothes for her.

She doesn't get to wear what she wants, is always told to be perfect and sit up straight, and has a set schedule as to when she does homework, eat, and play the violin...

Because Thiea's mother died during child-birth, Theia figures that her father hates her for killing his one true love. So she usually does what he wants without question to try and make up for that.

However, there are some guilty pleasures that Theia still does, like reading non-educational books at night with a flashlight so her father doesn't know about it.

During one night, Theia saw a man, falling from the sky, and he was on fire. She ran out to see if she was hallucination, maybe by reading too many novels.

The next morning, she chalked it up to a dream. When she had another dream about a beautiful, mysterious boy, Theia thinks she has an uncontrollable imagination. That was proven wrong, though, when her mystery boy (named Hayden) shows up at school the next day.

The boy Theia interacts with in her dreams and the one she sees at school are so different that Theia is unsure if they are the same person.

But Hayden has a dark, dangerous secret. He's not who he seems to be, and Theia would be wise to stay away from him.

With the uncontrollable urge to be around Hayden, and the attraction Theia and Hayden have for one another, staying away from each other isn't an option. Will Hayden's dark past come to haunt them both? Read Falling Under by Gwen Hayes to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
Wow. Dark, dangerous, mysterious. Those three words describe the novel as a whole, and Hayden.

I absolutely loved this novel! If I wouldn't have started reading it so late at night, I probably would have finished it in one sitting.

I felt so bad for Theia after reading about her life at home with her father. I would never want to be restricted that much by my parents, even though I know there are teenagers out there who live through that.

If I had been Theia, I probably would have grew up as a rebellious child, but she was a good daughter and did as she was told.

All bets were off, though, when Hayden dropped into her life. After that, she started to become rebellious and doing what she wanted to do rather than what her father wanted.

This started off as a contemporary novel, but definitely ended as a supernatural story. It was the best of both genres.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting a forbidden love story, a story about a dark past, or a mythical atmosphere.

Also, this is the first of a two book series (that I know of). I will be trying to get the next book to see what happens to Hayden and Theia hopefully soon!

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