Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The List by Siobhan Vivian

The List Results

Danielle Demarco - Freshman
Candace Kincad - Sophomore
Sarah Singer - Junior
Jennifer Briggis - Senior

Abby Warner - Freshman
Lauren Finn - Sophomore
Bridget Honeycutt - Junior
Margo Gable - Senior

It happens every year, on the first Monday of September. At Mount Washington High, the lives of 8 girls will change for the rest of the school year, giving them a label that the school will not forget.

For each girl, different things will happen to them over the next 7 days. Events will unfold because of what the list said about them, and the true colors of each girl will come out.

The whole school has an opinion of who is the "prettiest" or "ugliest" of the class, but the week before homecoming, the 8 girls will look into their own self, figuring out who they really are.

In the end, every girl will face their greatest fears and will be forced to redeem themselves not only to their classmates but to their own beliefs.

Will the girls follow their "label"? Read The List by Siobhan Vivian to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
I feel as if my synopsis does not capture the essence of this great novel. I didn't want to split it up with each girl because that might give it away, but it feels very bland and not too in-depth...

I really enjoyed this novel. At first, it was very difficult to keep track which girl was who (which is why, in my nerdiness, I made a list to refer back to!) but after awhile I remembered which girl was which grade and which label on the list.

Getting to know each of the 8 girls was great because the reader could see who they really were without having their label attached to their name.

It was also nice because the reader saw one girl as a swimmer, another as recently-homeschooled, one girl having issues with her looks and another who is haunted by her past. There are stories behind this horrible list that comes out each year.

And the ending for each girl is what the reader might least expect, but I feel it was the ending each girl needed based on their actions after the list came out.

While reading this, I was thankful that I never had to worry about the first Monday in September at my high school. High school is tough enough without having a list of Uglies and Pretties at school!

Siobhan Vivian is a great writer. I've read most of her books and have really enjoyed them so I would definitely recommend this book to any female reader, teen or adult. This novel hits a lot of subjects and different cliques that I think any female could relate to throughout her life.

A great novel! I really enjoyed it and it's a stand-alone (I think anyway) so no waiting for the sequel!

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