Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

A snowfall in Oregon cancelled all schools - even though it wasn't a heavy snowfall. However, the schools took precaution so Mia's high school was cancelled along with her brother, Teddy's, grade school and her father's college.

To enjoy this unexpected day off, Mia, Teddy and her parents decide to visit friends of the family (Willow, Henry and their baby girl) and then have dinner with Mia's grandparents.

On the ride there, though, something horrible happens... There was a car collision with Mia's family and a solo driver. While the other driver had only minor scrapes and bruises, Mia's parents were killed instantly and Mia and Teddy had to be rushed to the hospital.

Mia is able to see everything that goes on around her. As an "out of body" experience. She sees her extended family in the waiting room outside of ICU. She sees her boyfriend, Adam, planning a break in to see Mia since the nurses won't allow him in.

When Mia finds out that her little brother, Teddy, didn't make his surgery, Mia realizes that she's all alone. She has to decide if she wants to stay living without her family, or if she wants to join them.

There are many factors Mia has to decide as well. She's bound for Julliard, as she's a very good cellist musician. She has Adam, her boyfriend also a music lover, in his own band and making records who she loves. She has Kim, her best friend since grade school.

But she doesn't have her brother or her parents anymore.

What will Mia choose? Life or death? Read this heartbroken story If I Stay by Gayle Forman to find out.

My Thoughts/Reflections
This is my second time reading this novel. And even though I knew the ending result, following Mia's memories that she remembers about her family, along with the information she learns during her "out of body" experience was just as heartbroken.

Mia is very brave. She has to hear about her family's death before she even wakes up from her coma. And to know that and have to choose a life without her family would be hard, but having to imagine her family's reaction if she gave up life was just as devastating for Mia.

The reader learns Mia's background story as Mia goes down memory lane to the key moments with Adam, Kim, her parents, her brother. It helps the reader connect with Mia's life and what she used to have.

Even though this story is very sad, it is an amazing novel. Gayle Forman did a great job writing as a victim in a car crash and a lone survivor having to make the hardest decision of her life.

I would recommend this book to anyone - to everyone. Even guys. It doesn't matter that the narrator is a female - anyone can feel this way if they were in her shoes.

Also, there is another novel after this one, in the viewpoint of Mia's boyfriend, Adam. The review for that novel will be coming soon to see what has happened since Mia's overall decision to stay or go.

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