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Review: Chasing Red

Chasing Red Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.

When Veronica gets kicked out of her apartment because she hasn't been able to make the rent for the past two months, instead of sobbing into her small belongings, she decides to go get drunk and dance the night away. But she never expected that she would find her salvation at the dance club.

Veronica has been through too many downs and not enough ups. So when Caleb takes her to his apartment after she gets extremely drunk and throws up not once, but twice in his brand new car, she waits for what he expects as payment. But instead of Caleb making her pay up, he offers her the spare bedroom in his apartment free of charge. Because Veronica will not take it for free, she decides to cook his meals for him.

Caleb is tired of his meaninglessly life and wants something more. He's tired of girls throwing themselves at him but wants a chase for the right girl in his life. And just when he thought that, Veronica magically appears on the dance floor in a stunning red dress that makes his eyes never leave her.

And after an adventurous night of when they met, Caleb knew that his wishes were coming true. Although he didn't realize exactly how much he was going to have to fight to keep Red in his life, because she was making it nearly impossible to get close to her, when all he wanted to do was give her everything in the world: including himself. But he asked for a chase, and by golly he was going to chase her until she caved to him.

But the romance between Red and Caleb is not easy. No, it is, in fact, very difficult. The more Caleb gets an inch of Red, the more he needs, craves. And the more that Red lets down her guard, the more scared she gets that she is turning into her mother and she is waiting for Caleb to start acting like her father.

When everything seems lost and broken, that is when Red finally knows what she wants. But by then, she may have lost everything in her life that was worth keeping.

I seriously found this book on Edelweiss yesterday. YESTERDAY!!! And the synopsis hooked me like a guilable fish and I just kept thinking about it and thinking about it and I just said, "FINE!! I must read this!"

And it is the best book that I have downloaded from Edelweiss. I'm so glad that I found it and was able to download the copy of this and the second book right away. I instantly fell in love with it and I was on the roller coaster of my lifetime.

I loved every single minute of it. Sure, did I want to shake both Caleb and Red? Especially Red? Yes, most definitely. But that is real life. Things aren't perfect between a guy and girl falling in love, especially if they have a bad past they need to get over. This book depicts life so perfectly and how one person can only have her trust broken one too many times before she gives up on love.

But when the right person comes along and the sun starts to shine again, there is always hope for the one person in your life to finally find you. And this is that book on so many levels.

I love Red. She is strong and determined and so so brave. I would have been a miserable mess if I got kicked out of my apartment with nowhere to go. I would have given up on life and said fuck it, I'm done. But not Red. She had her moment at the club and then started right back up to find a new job, continue to go to school, and kept her mind open to possibilities.

And Caleb. Gah he's sexy. Basketball player, man whore, but underneath it all he just wants to find a purpose for his life. He wants to be with someone who will challenge him and complete him. And he makes the fight for Red's heart the sexiest thing ever that I don't know how she turned him down so many times. I think I would have caved without meaning to, but boy would I have enjoyed it!

I seriously loved this book. The chemistry between the two set the pages on fire and the tension between them could have cut glass. But it was seeing them change who they were into who they want to be for the other one that really had my heart pounding in my chest a mile a minute. They knew that the other person was who they were meant to be with and didn't even know they were changing. If it wasn't for trust issues. this book could have been complete, but as I said, life is all about up and downs and that is why I loved this book.

Now I'm off to read the conclusion and get lost into their story for one more time. But believe me, I will be reading these two novels over and over again in the future!

Definitely read this when it comes out in September! It's amazing!

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