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Review: Manners & Mutiny

Manners & Mutiny Manners & Mutiny by Gail Carriger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sophronia is well on her way to be finished at her unique school, but she is so wrapped up in the political outbreak in London that she doesn't have time to think about doing actual school assignments. No, now she is mixed up with the Picklemen who are out to destroy the supernaturals, her contract with the dewan werewolf and what Soap is up to, and fielding off one of the influeniental vampires in the area.

So when the school goes down in a hard landing - a school that is not supposed to land ever - Sophronia decides that she is going to stay with the ship to see what the issue is. Turns out, this is the time where all of the plans that the Picklemen and Flywaymen have been doing is going to be acted out. And now Sophronia, along with the Headmistress who knows nothing of the espionage aspect of her school, a crazy vampire teacher, and the sooties who are hard at work are there to save not only the school but also London.

And so goes Sophronia to use all of the knowledge that she has learned over the years at her school to try and save the world from mass chaos and possibly war.

Not too much pressure, right?

This is Sophronia's biggest and most important mission yet.

This was a great ending to the series! I loved everything about it and I loved all of the action and planning and exploding and chaoticness! It was pretty fantastic. I also enjoyed that Sophronia got injured and became a real person because of that. Every other book she barely got hurt and it was too much good luck for one girl to have, so it was nice that she got some consequences to her actions during this big battle.

Also? My Team Boy that I was on? I kinda switched. Sophronia did not pick my man. And if you want to know who she did pick, just go to my other reviews from book 1-3 and you will know who she ends up with. My boy that I was rooting for became pretty pathetic in the end. Granted, we never got to hear his side of the story, but he also betrayed Sophronia when she really needed him to stick with her - especially because he was pursuing her hardcore. Instead, other team boy became a badass and picked up his game, so I was very impressed and very happy that he became more vocal and physical with his attraction toward Sophronia. My Team Boy did the opposite, really. So I actually was happy about who Sophronia ended up with.

This was a really great series and I'm glad that I got a chance to read it finally. I don't know if I will read the other two series that Gail Carriger wrote that is about the same world as this series. Maybe later, when I'm feeling in the mood for one of these books again, but for right now I'm very happy and content with ending this series and being done with this world for a little while.

I think a lot of teen and adult females will really love this series because Sophronia is such a strong, brave, and independent woman who many females will aspire to become. Okay, we won't become her, but we can pretend we are Sophronia, right?

I will definitely have this series on my list when recommending new books to teens at my library!

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