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Review: P.S. I Like You

P.S. I Like You P.S. I Like You by Kasie West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lily is an odd 17 year old. She lives a crazy life and she has more important things on her mind than the mindless life in high school where bullies get away with crap and the decent students get blamed for things they didn't do. No, Lily's mind is in another universe. She is creating her own clothes, taking care of her two younger brothers, listening to unique, amazing bands, and writing her own songs - one lyric at a time.

When she gets a scolding from her Chemistry teacher and is told never to bring her notebook full of lyrics in again unless she wanted him to take it from her, Lily needed another way to distract herself during this awful class. After writing a song lyric on her desk and coming back the next day to see that someone else wrote the next lyric, she soon realized that there was a fellow classmate who liked the same music as her.

And then, what began as lyrics of a song became letters under the desk. Now, instead of Lily dreading Chemistry, she now can't wait for that class to read the next note.

Just when Lily was wondering who the mystery writer was and if she wanted to meet this person in real life, she actually finds out who it is. And boy, could she not have been more surprised if she had guessed every guy in all 3 chemistry classes.

Now, Lily will need to decide how to take this information and all of the secrets she knows of him to decide what she is going to do. Because as much as she loves talking to the guy on paper, he definitely doesn't act that way in real life. But Lily is going to have to come out of her shell one way or another if she wants to make some of the biggest decisions of her life.

I. Love. Kasie. West. Seriously! I don't know what she does or how she does it, but every one of her novels is just...gah it's just what I need. It's light, but so intense. It's fun, but so serious. It's adorable and sweet and just makes me feel so good after I read her books! I adore all of them so much!

I went to look at all of the books that I've read of hers and they are all 4 or 5 star ratings that I've given them. I seriously just can't get enough! :)

Lily is hilarious to me. She is such a goody two-shoes but yet she has such a rebellious streak inside of her that comes out very rarely and so unexpectedly! And when she lets loose and goes wild I just have to laugh out loud because it's so out of character for her, yet it's what makes Lily, Lily!

I love the aspect of songs connecting Lily with her writer friend (I'm going to try very hard not to give anything away, even though it's probably pretty obvious what happens. I'm all about non-spoiler reviews!). I'm not really that much into songs, but the thought of music impacting two people's lives enough for them to bond over it is inspiring! And I know it happens everyday :)

The teen angst and romantic suspense that happens in this novel just makes me want to burst! Seriously, the tension between those two made me cheeks all red and I was gushing at the seams!

I'm so glad that I finally found this book at my library so I could finally read it and be caught up on my Kasie West books! Now I have more to look forward to when they are published and I certainly won't be forgetting this unique story line anytime soon!

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