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Review: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Mist and Fury A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas
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After being changed into a Fae, instead of a mere human, Feyre is having a rough time transitioning into this new person - this new being. Everything is louder, brighter, stronger, more intense. And honestly? Feyre isn't sure how she feels about being a faerie. Especially because she kept her mortal heart.

And now she is constantly being reminded about the choices she had to make Under the Mountain because of Amarantha's evil. Because of her mortal heart and conscience, Feyre isn't fairing too well. She just wants to go back to what she loves to do, but is finding that to be hard. Now that Tamlin has his full High Fae powers back, he is all about protecting Feyre and making sure that she wants for nothing.

But that is not Feyre, and the more she pushes, the harder he pushes back and makes her a shell of the person that she is.

When Rhysand comes on Feyre and Tamlin's wedding day to uphold the bargain she made with him, Feyre was almost relieved because of the suffocation she was experiencing, knowing she would be stuck wearing jewels all day and sitting on her ass doing nothing useful.

But her hatred for Rhysand was still in full force after what she went through Under the Mountain. When Feyre isn't with Rhys for the week time frame, she is still somehow communicating with him because of the bond he put on her with the tattoo, so she at least has one person to talk to when left alone in the Spring Court castle.

Then everything changed: Tamlin locked her inside of the house and wouldn't let her leave. Feyre was having a mental break down when Rhysand and his cousin Morrigan rescued her from the blackness she conjured. Because when she was remade as a Fae, she got all 7 High Fae's powers and had no idea how to contain them.

Now, she is at the Night Court for however long she wants to be there. Because now the Spring Court is more of a prison than a paradise, and Feyre cannot be in that type of enviroment. And the kicker? Rhys is letting Feyre go with him on missions and visits and is actually telling her what is going on with the King of Hybern's plans of attacking the mortal world - of her family's world.

The longer she stays in the Night Court, the more that Feyre realizes that everyone is judging Rhys wrongly. Sure, most of it is his doing, but she is getting the real Rhysand and now Feyre has to figure out who is the real Rhys, and what she is going to decide to do in the end about which Court she wants to represent.

Because one thing is for sure: the King of Hybern is on a mission to end the world and he is going to take Feyre down with him.



Okay, I'm breathing now. I think.

Let's just start with the big elephant: Rhysand. He was so evil and conniving and hard to read in the first book, but his intentions were good. I did get that feeling about him. But this book?! It tore me to pieces when she was staying in the Night Court. I mean, I was blushing and barely breathing during some of the scenes with those two and the tension was just off the charts.

I want Rhysand! He's definitely a book boyfriend after this book!

Also? Tamlin? What he did to Feyre by locking her up in the house and treating her no better than a pet dog or cat? That is just wrong on so many levels. For the fact that Feyre wouldn't get out of bed to eat - and not even that on some days - and she was withering away into nothing right before his eyes and she is supposed to be a Fae and be immortal for life? He was abusing her so much and didn't even know it and that is just so wrong. I was hating him more and more and more at the beginning of this book and I was so, so, so glad that Feyre was saved by Rhysand.

Okay, there was SO MUCH that happened in this book!! Yes, it's 600 pages, so of course things are going to happen, but I had to remember how the book started off and then I got pissed about Tamlin again.

Sarah J. Maas's writing is impeccable. Amazing. She had me on the edge of my seat reading this entire book in 1 day and I am sitting here typing, wishing I was already diving into the 3rd book right this minute. This storyline is just amazing and the world she has created is just fantastic. I am so jealous of these characters that they have this live and just want to find a way to go there. And try to be with Rhysand, but that's beside the point.

Feyre continues to be a badass, though probably less because she's Fae and can do stuff more easily than when she was a human and did just as amazing, great things. But she is constantly ignoring ancient rules to do what she thinks needs to be done, rather than what is expected. She doesn't care about the consequences - she just wants to do the right thing. Having been in situations with her family when they were poor and starving and cold, she wants to help people rather than judge them and I love that so, so much.

I so love this book and I know after reading this that I am going to be buying these books for my own personal collection because I already know that I want to re-read them in the near future. They are fantastic and I cannot wait to read the 3rd book to see how it ends!!

I did just add that this is a New Adult book because there are a lot of ... details ... that some parents might not want their teens to read, but I'm still going to recommend it to everyone I know because it is just fantastic!

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