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Review: All Fall Down

All Fall Down All Fall Down by Ally Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grace is an army brat, so she is used to traveling from place to place every year - or sooner. But this move is a more permanent home - one that she has been to before. She is going to stay with her grandfather in the place she used to visit with her mother every summer. Except now she is going to stay for good, and her mother is not going to be with her.

Because she was murdered. Grace saw it with her own eyes.

But everyone else says that her mother died from an accident - her shop burned to the ground with her in it.

Grace knows that she is right, even if no one else will believe her. And for the past 3 years, she has found a scarred face man who looks like the person who killed her. But those 4 men are not the person who killed her mom, and now no one is going to believe Grace when she cries wolf.

Except the murderer is in Embassy Row. Right under her fingertips! No one is convinced that Grace is right in the head, so now she has to find a way to prove that this is the right person, and that he must pay for what he has done.

But secrets keep unfolding around Grace, and what she thought was true might have been wrong. Grace can't trust anyone around her, and she maybe can't even trust her own self.

One thing is for certain: things are about to get serious real fast in Grace's world.

This was a great novel! I've read some of Ally Carter's other novels and have enjoyed them all - this one is no different. I love how unusual the story is - at least for me. I know next to nothing about political topics, so I was a bit worried when starting this that I might not be able to follow very well. Thankfully it focuses a lot more on Grace's mothers death than the embassy, so I wasn't too lost!

And of course, this book is a "who done it" mystery of figuring out the murderer and the motive why, so I am trying so very hard to figure it out before Grace does. And surprisingly, I didn't figure it out... I was thrown just like Grace was! And that is not normal for me, so kudos to Ally Carter! You stumped me and had me along for the ride until the precise moment you revealed the mystery!

Though I was getting close...kinda...maybe? Okay, I admit defeat.

I definitely enjoyed this story and I loved all of Grace's friends. Each one has their own unique thing they do to help Grace along through this process and I seriously hope that in the next two novels I will see more of all of them!

I think a lot of readers would really enjoy this book and it is definitely something I will be recommending to friends and patrons at the library :)

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