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Review: Fallen Heir by Erin Watt

Fallen Heir Fallen Heir by Erin Watt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC novel from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Easton Royal has everything, and it's his senior year, so it's sky to the limit. He is king of the world and everyone in his town knows it. Except Easton is starting to become restless. Because of his poor choices in his lifestyle, his father took away the one thing that kept him steady: flying. Now that he's grounded, he needs to find a new outlet, but that is easier said than done.

When Hartley catches him in a ... compromising situation, Easton tries to turn on the charm with her, knowing that he will get his way.

Sadly for Easton, though, Hartley is not falling for his charms and he finds this refreshing. So refreshing that he decides he needs Hartley in his life. But she is avoiding him and keeping Easton at arms length because she has more pressing problems to deal with.

Hartley is new to school, though, and doesn't realize that Easton never gives up. He is going to become Hartley's best friend and hopefully more intimate later when he warms her up.

The more than Hartley and Easton are together, though, the more Easton is having to be more real with her. Because Hartley is not taking the bullshit easy going guy that everyone knows and loves. Hartley is way beyond that guy and she is only going to open up about her dark past if Easton does the same thing. But Easton hates being vulnerable, so this is going to be a battle of stubborness soon.

Oh, and also? Having the new "queen bee" of Astro Prep gunning against Easton and everyone who is close to him - including innocent bystander Hartley? Not the best way to live out senior year, to be honest.

But when Easton thinks he's trying to help with Hartley's issue, only to make matters 100% worse - that's when he realizes that he may be spiraling out of control. The only problem is how to get back in the cock pit and take matters in his own hands, when he's pretty much alienated from everyone who cares for him.

I am so, so, so happy that I got an eARC from the authors! I started and finished this book in one sitting and just devoured it! I couldn't get enough of Easton's story and I wish that I had all of the books of his right now! And by reading this book, it definitely made me want to re-read all three of Ella and Reed's story again, which I may just have to do because I forgot how much I love this world!

Easton is a rascally little thing. I mean, he was in the first 3, but he's even worse when you get to read his own story! And I love Hartley. She is so strong and independant and brave. I love that both her and Ella are similar in those aspects, even if their younger lives were completely different. For the fact that Hartley is taking care of herself after being pretty wealthy when living with her parents is even bigger step than Ella's story. Hartley knows how good it can be, yet she is still surviving on her own and living day by day by fighting for what she wants. It just goes to show that you can do what you need to do to survive.

And now, here is my reaction to the final pages of this book (don't worry, it's non-spoiler):


Okay. Okay. I got that out of my system. Sorry, but it was needed because I've been freaking out about it since I finished it a minute ago and I think my brain is still trying to process what just happened. Because I'm sitting here stunned and almost wanting to unread the last few pages until the next book is in my hand!

Let's just say that Erin Watt is evil, and leave it at that. I will love them again - probably in January - but right now I'm pretty traumatize and may need to go cry myself to sleep.

This was a great novel and I am so glad that the readers will now get a chance to dive into Easton's head to see what he is thinking. And most will already guess what is going on, but there are a few bittersweet moments that happen and definitely helps click why Easton acts the way that he does. I know with all of the people who love Easton, he will get to the right place that he needs to be at, but it is going to take some time, and some mushy feeling conversations before that is to happen.

Now is the moment where I wait forever to find out what exactly happens with that terrible, terrible cliffhanger that these pseudo-evil authors have left us. I know everything will be alright, so I will just wait patiently (*cough*) for Cracked Kingdom.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the eARC and I cannot wait for more novels by you, Erin Watt!

And to all of the readers reading this review, you are going to LOVE this book!! Just adore it!! :)

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