Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Hollow City Hollow City by Ransom Riggs
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jacob and his band of merry peculiars are on a mission to save Miss Peregrine from being a bird forever. Once they got off of the island that the Peculiars have called home for the past 50+ years, Jacob found himself figuring out how to get everyone to another loop so they could get help for Miss Peregrine.

Along the way, Jacob is learning more and more about each child and how their ability is benefiting them and protecting everyone. Even Jacob is learning more about his gift and how he can use it, though most of the times he understands something new, it's through a dreamlike vision, so he's not sure if it's true, or if he is just imagining things.

And because the group is going through different loops, they are meeting more and more peculiars along the way. They are realizing that the stories they grew up with might not just be stories, but may be a version of a true story in their peculiar world.

Just when Jacob thinks everyone is safe and that they can get Miss Peregrine back again, things go terribly wrong. Everyone is being captured by the wights and hollows and Jacob is back in the present time - where he doesn't want to be.

But Jacob's peculiar talent is advancing very quickly, and he may be able to find a way to save everyone in the end. If only he can figure out how to use it.

I have to admit - I almost gave up on this book. I was so bored and started skimming and jumping to the next page because nothing was really happening and Jacob is actually a boring character. Having him as the main character might not have been the best pick, but I stuck through it because I am going to read the 3rd and final book in this series.

And I'm glad that I did, because that ending was great! Finally! Something to keep me entertained with and entranced in the story. And the way it ended? Those last words? I'm hooked and am so glad I can read the 3rd book right away!

I hope that Jacob will become a better character to follow around and get his viewpoint after that very big twist at the end!

For all of the fans out there that loved the book but couldn't get through this one: I get it. Believe me, I really do. But I do recommend reading this again, even if you have to skim like I did to get to the ending, because it is worth it and I can only imagine great things happening in the 3rd and final novel. :)

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