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Review: Take the Key and Lock Her Up

Take the Key and Lock Her Up Take the Key and Lock Her Up by Ally Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grace just got a bombshell landed on her: she is the lost princess of Adria - one of the descendants of the stolen princess from 200 years ago. And now someone is out to kill her and her brother so they cannot get their throne back.

But the thing is...Grace doesn't want to be a princess. She just wants to live her life without having to make sure someone isn't trying to kill her every second!

And Grace has no idea who to trust. The most important people in her life are running away with her, but Grace knows that she can't keep running forever, and she has to go back and play the game that has been handed to her. Thankfully, she has a great group of friends who are conspiring a plan with her, but there are too many big forces against her that are trying to stop Grace from succeeding.

One thing is for sure: Grace is definitely not crazy anymore, and she will do WHATEVER it takes to save the people she loves - even if it means giving up her own happily ever after life that she has been fighting for all summer long.

This is such a GREAT series!! I loved everything about it! The mystery, the suspense, the back story, the characters - it's just so wonderful :)

Grace is not your typical girl who is saving the world. In fact, she could be downright annoying to some people. I don't think she is annoying because I feel so much for her and I would just as annoying, if not more, if I was in her shows. Because one teenage girl should not have to go through all of that and she is diving right in because she has to in order to survive.

I love Alexei. I've loved him since the moment he was introduced in the first book, and I was always waiting anxiously whenever he would pop back in.

Rosie is my all time favorite I think. She is a 13 year old girl who moves like a ninja and is a sneaky little thing who can track a person like it's no big deal.

Megan terrifies me. I never want to be on her bad side because what that girl can do with a computer is just insane. Grace is lucky to have her as a friend.

And Noah. He is goofy and funny and is always trying to make everyone laugh. But he is so serious and dedicated to the ones in his life, that you know you will have a loyal friend forever with him.

The whole story was perfect. The ending was perfect. Grace is a great character and she deserves all that she gets in the novel and afterward. I'm so glad that I got to read this series and, as always, look forward to more by Ally Carter :)

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