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Review: The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

The Chaos of Stars The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Isadora is tired of feeling worthless at home. Her parents are immortal gods and ever since she found out that Isadora is a mere mortal, who will live a normal life, she feels like her parents only had her so they can survive by having one more person pray to them and keep their name alive.

Then, when her mother, Isis, decides to have another baby 3 years before schedule, Isadora knows that she is not loved, and maneuvers her way into going to visit her brother in San Diego, rather than being the nurse maid in Ancient Egypt with the Gods.

But it's not exactly freedom in America because her mother is making her volunteer at the museum to create an exhibit with some items she is donating for the Ancient Egyptian display. Now Isadora has to bum rides from her brother to go to "work" at stare at her mothers items ... it's like she never left home!

Thankfully, and reluctantly, Isadora makes a friend with Tylor, another teen forced to volunteer her summer away at the museum. And with Tyler comes her boyfriend Scott, and their ridiculously hot friend Ry. But Isadora is convinced that love and relationships are terrible, so anything that would happen with Ry isn't going to...maybe...

Dark dreams at night have convinced both Isadora and her mother, Isis, that something bad is going to happen, which is not good since Isis is about to have the baby and she is in no way prepared to battle it out like the big bad Goddess that she is. Isadora needs to figure out what the dark forced is, and if she is willing to do anything to save the parents who she thinks don't care for her.

But being halfway across the world may be a problem for Isadora to help her parents.

This was a cute little novel. I love Egypt, and the synopsis and the cover really called to me when I found it on the shelf at the library, so I said, "why not?" and took it home. Plus, it's a stand alone and that is even better in my book! Don't have to wait around for the next novel!

Isadora is a typical teenager who is bored at home and is starting to rebel against her parents. Plus, consider the fact that she is the only teenager around, and she is the only mortal around, and you have a very pissed off teenage girl who wants to do something against the rules.

I don't blame her, really, because she is being cooped up way too much and sometimes you just need to let loose a little bit and go crazy.

The tension between Ry and Isadora was great! I really loved it and there were many secrets that were revealed and made it even better.

This is a cute little story but it is full of mystery, romance, summer days, and saving family so I very much enjoyed it overall :)

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