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Review: Lucky in Love by Kasie West

Lucky in Love Lucky in Love by Kasie West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Maddie's home life is struggling quite a bit lately. Since her dad lost his job 3 years ago, things have been falling apart left and right. He can't find another job to work for, her mom has had to go back to work and is now working doubles to pay the bills, and her older brother had to take off a few years of college because he can't afford the schooling, so now he is becoming depressed and not motivated to do anything.

The only thing Maddie can do is work, work, work. She needs to get the best grades, do as much volunteering as she can, is working at the zoo because she loves it and it will also be good for when she goes to vet school, and she is constantly studying to keep up her grades to get into her dream school and to get a lot of scholarships to pay for it.

The night Maddie turns 18, her two best friends are nowhere to be found, even through they have been talking about the "party" she was having for her big adult day. Because she was mad about being ditched, and she had no candy that she likes, Maddie goes to the gas station and - instead of buying the candy she really wanted - she ends up buying a lottery ticket because of the attitude of the cashier.

Little did she know that the next day, Maddie would be the sole winner of the lottery and would win $50 million - or rather $30 million after taxes.

Now, all of the little things in life that were a constant struggle are now fixed! Her parents aren't going to fight over money any more because Maddie is giving them $1 million each! Her brother can go back to school and pay off his school loans, because she is giving him $1 million!

And Maddie is still working at the zoo because she really loves her job. Oh, and Seth might also be a reason she loves that place. Seth, who she can't seem to tell him that she won $30 million. Because the longer she is known as the lottery girl, the more that people around her start acting differently. But Seth is treating her like the old Maddie, and Maddie doesn't want to ruin that by having a huge chunk of money between them.

They say that money brings out the real side of a person, and sadly Maddie is figuring that out. She is only trying to be nice to everyone, but it seems that she can't trust a single person in her life, because money does change a person - for good or bad.

This was a cute novel. It took me no time at all to fly through this book and I really did feel for Maddie. Though there were a lot of times I wish I was there to slap her across the face for the dumb decisions she was making throughout the novel. I mean, there were some no brainer moments that she definitely shouldn't have done.

But I guess she learned her lesson in the end, so that's all that matters.

YA books about teens winning the lottery has become very popular in 2017. I'm not sure why, but it has definitely brought up the thought of what I would do with all of that money. I seriously couldn't even think of how to spend that much money. And I think I would do what I needed to do, keep a safety net in my account, and donate the rest. Because money does bring out the real monster in people and I wouldn't be able to handle not knowing who I could or could not trust in my life. That would be way too much stress and I just wouldn't want to live my life like that.

Though I would buy lots and lots and lots of books before I donated it all away :)

I loved the relationship between Seth and Maddie. It was so adorable and sweet and you could instantly tell that they both had feelings for each other, even though the two dimwits couldn't tell if the other one liked them.

Kasie West is always writing amazing romance teen books and I'm never disappointed by them. I can't wait to see what else is in store for us by her, and I'm very glad that I got my hands on this book at the library! :)

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