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Review: The Diamond of Darkhold

The Diamond of Darkhold The Diamond of Darkhold by Jeanne DuPrau
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Doon and Lina have settled in in the town of Sparks, and while things aren't going exactly smoothly, there are no fights or riots breaking out. Now, everyone in Sparks is just trying to survive the winter months and hope that the spring will bring good fortune.

When a roamer comes to town, Doon saw she had a book and just had to get it. Sadly, when he finally got it in his hands after trading for it, he realizes that the book is basically gone. There are maybe 8 whole pages left - the roamer used it to make fire. For the words that Doon can make out, though, he realizes that this is like the other book that the people of Ember were gifted when they left Ember. There was another book for them to find!

Now Doon has convinced Lina that they have to go back to Ember and figure out what this book was supposed to do for them. Lina is a bit wary of going back to Ember since there is no light and no electricity. It is just a dark underground city now. But because the people in Sparks are getting sick and not surviving very well during the winter, she thought that maybe they might find something that can help them to get to spring.

So yet again, Doon and Lina take off on an adventure to better their townspeople and realize they are in for more than they bargained for.

Because Ember is not empty. There are people there, and now Doon and Lina have to find a way to get their stuff back, while also letting Sparks know what treasures they have found.

So I know I gave this a 2 star. I was kinda bored through most of this novel - especially when Doon was stuck in Ember with the people who took it over. I was just ready for it to be overwith, to be honest.

I did enjoy the feeling of a solid ending at this book, though. I didn't read the prequel novel, so I may have missed something important when information was given at the end of the book, but I've decided not to read it. I think I'm all wiped out of this series.

Doon and Lina sure do know how to give their friends and family a heart attack, I've decided. For once, they should tell someone where they are going. Because if they had more people with them, they might have had to miss all of the drama at Ember.

Also? I think Lina or Doon should definitely be one of the "rulers" of Sparks because those two kids have done A LOT for that town. Sure, they may have run out of food for the winter, but after they found their treasures, they should be looked at as GODS in that town!! Lol.

I'm glad that I continued reading this series and I thought it was a very good storyline for the most part. It makes the reader think when this book takes place, because it's like a circle of life of the stuff that has already happened and the stuff that will happen - or that is hinted will happen by the author at the end of the book anyway. It just goes to show that the whole world can get wiped out and we have to start in the cave man times, but humans will get back to the intellect and advancement that they once were at before the end of the world happened!

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