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Review: The Library of Fates

The Library of Fates The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amrita has always wanted to venture into other lands and explore the world, but her father has kept her safe in the palace to protect her. But all of his protecting results in Princess Amrita to be wed to an old friend of her fathers - in fact, her father's roommate from college.

Because Sikander is now the ruler of all towns by either war, corruption, or death. And to save her people, Amrita is going to marry him and have an alliance with such a powerful, greedy man who wants to rule the world.

But when push comes to shove, Sikander decides he is going to marry Amrita, but is also going to overthrow her city - so there will be no alliance of the two cities.

Because of Sikander's decision, Amrita is forced to leave the only home she has, and everyone she knows and loves is either dead or captured and forced to do Sikanders bidding. Now, with the help of a seer, Thala, Amrita needs a new plan to figure out how to save her people.

Amrita's life, though, is about to change the second she finds out some very buried secrets about herself. And about her mother - the woman she has never met.

The more Amrita explores the world, the more she starts to believe that all things are meant to be. Even if it means she will have to give up everything that she knows and loves.

Since the moment I saw this book in an email that it was a July book release, I knew I had to read it. I don't know if it was the synopsis or the title, but I just knew I needed to read this soon. Plus it helped that it was a standalone novel and I wouldn't have to wait for the next book, so I was very thankful about that because now I have read it and I so enjoyed it!

This is a very cultural YA book, which is not something that I typically read. Not because I don't like them. It's just not something I pick up too much. So I'm really glad that I decided to read this because it was such an amazing novel.

Amrita is a very brave girl. She went on this adventure with no knowledge of what was out there, and after witnessing so many terrible things when the palace got taken over by Sikander's men. So I have high respect for Amrita through this whole novel.

Because of certain hints throughout the book, I was able to figure out how the book was going to end. But even though I figured it out, I still enjoyed all of the missing pieces of the book when they were revealed.

This was such a great novel and I think there are going to be a ton of people who will really like it! I know I did! :)

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