Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Review: Fallen

Fallen Fallen by Lauren Kate
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I've had this book since it was released in 2009 and I read it back then too. I even put it on here, but put 5 stars. After re-reading it though, I had a change of heart... I've read other fallen angel books and have to say that there are better ones out there than this first novel in the series...

Not a lot happens in this book. Luce is confused. She's had a lot of strange events happen to her recently and she is now being shipped off to a reform school where she is having her last chance before something really drastic happens. Then, instantly, she falls in lust with Cam and Daniel. You can't even call it love because she doesn't know their names or who they even are. It's literally a physical attraction she has toward both of these guys and she can't understand why the feelings are different, but still affecting her in some way.

And I didn't realize how much didn't really get resolved in this book. Maybe it happens in the sequel and I just meshed them together, but it was all slow and easy going, then BAM things happen. And more things happen until it's to the point where you think why didn't they spread this out a bit more.

Now I don't hate the book. 3 stars means I like it. I just didn't love it like I remember loving it 5-6 years ago when I first read it. Time really does change people's perspectives on novels and unfortunately I wasn't as amazed by this book as I was before. But I own the series and will be reading all of the novels back to back, so I'm bound to fall back into the love I had for it.

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