Saturday, December 19, 2015

Review: Passion

Passion Passion by Lauren Kate
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Finally! Things start to progress in this series. I've been having a rough time with liking Luce, so this novel finally brought some perspective into Luce about why things are they way they are. And she is starting to grow and mature, which really isn't much since she was very ignorant and immature when we first met her, but it's progress.

Luce is trying to figure out exactly why she dies, what the curse is, why Daniel loves her so much he would be willing to go through the same pain every 17 years. I think if Daniel would be upfront and tell her the answers, all of the frustrations of trying to find her through each Announcer never would have happened and they could enjoy this life they have been given together.

But I think that is just too simple...

Anywho, I liked this better than the first two novels. It's still a 3 star for me because I liked it well enough - but I didn't love it or anything.

Below is my previous review when I read it when it first came out. Back then I gave it 5 stars and everything in my review is still accurate - I just don't have as much enthusiasm as I did 4 years ago!

Review from July 13, 2011:
Not my best blog post - beginning stage of blogging.

Here is my review for "Passion":

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