Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Exclusively Logan's

Exclusively Logan's Exclusively Logan's by Evie Knight
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

When I first started reading this, I was actually enjoying it. Logan finally got his wish to make things more physical with Marissa now that she wasn’t working for him, because he wasn’t going to go against his fraternizing with staff.

But then things started to go downhill for me after that. Marissa is not my favorite character. In fact, I really dislike her to the point of wanting to slap her. She was so self centered, which is fine. Be that way. But don’t drag Logan around when he obviously wants more in the relationship than she does. I mean, you can’t have it all sometimes, which sucks, but that’s life. And in life, sometimes we have to make hard decisions. Marissa didn’t want to make them. She wanted to somehow have everything, even though she wasn’t committing herself to anything worth wild with Logan.

And when the big surprise happened toward the end, Marissa didn’t care one bit about Logan’s opinion. He was willing to sacrifice Marissa, whom he loves, to get the end result and she was like, “I’ll have to think about it. I’m going to want to want this” nonsense. IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT HER! But in Marissa world, I guess it is.

I don’t know why Logan loves her as much as he does, because for 90% of the novel she was selfishly about herself and loved all of the sex that she and Logan had. He was the first one to say I love you and she said it days later, not even the same day as him. So I think Logan could have found someone 10x better than Marissa.

And sadly that’s why this novel has such a low rating – I just really hate Marissa. Also, when things were looking bleak, Logan decided to go back to his old ways, which I was very disappointed in.

So this book is not for me. I think some readers may like it, but after reading the novel, I can safely say that this book and I are parting away for good. I’m glad I got an eARC and I’m sure other fans will have a different reaction than what I did.

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