Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: You Were Mine

You Were Mine You Were Mine by Abbi Glines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've finally gotten to read this! Yay! And I was able to read it without paying $8 for the kindle book! Double Yay! Thank goodness my online library had the eBook copy that I could borrow so I can finally find out about Bethy and Tripp's story!

I have been dying to figure out how things will be resolved between these two characters, and I am so glad that I finally found a way to read it. :) It was as good as I thought it would be.

Tripp is so sweet. Bethy went through a terrible time when Jace died and Tripp was there watching her every step of the way. She was on a downward spiral ready to need serious attention, but things started to look up. And Tripp waited 18 months of following her around to make sure she was safe, without talking to her, and having Bethy send evil looks at him the whole time. That, my friends, is dedication!

And Bethy. I understand her confusion and hurt, but she could have resolved her issues much quicker if she has just talked to Tripp during those last 18 months...

But the moment they were ready - it was steaming hot! I'm sitting in 60 degrees and was very warm blooded for such a chilly temperature... ;)

So, so, so glad I got to read this and can't wait to dive into the next books of the series to get caught up! Love Abbi Glines and love all of her series. If you are just starting to figure out the magic that she creates, know that I am a huge fan and will definitely tell you to read her novels!

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