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Review: Say Nothing...

Say Nothing... Say Nothing... by T.A. Roth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received this free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

So I got both novels in this series from NetGalley, which I'm very grateful for, and I've enjoyed them both. I've found that I really don't like Ari though... I know she's been through a traumatic experience and she just wants to forget about it, but when it is staring right back at her, I feel like that is a great time to finally fess up to what happened so many years ago and resolve the terrible issue.

Instead, she decides to keep the damn secret to herself, which is tearing her apart and making her sick, shaky, and jumpy, let alone putting a strain on her relationship with Ben. A guy who is madly in love with her and would never want her to feel the way she's feeling. AND ARI KNOWS THIS!!!!!!! So why in God's green earth would she decide to keep quiet? I will never understand. Sure, be quiet, but also fight back, don't cower into a corner and be scared all of your life!

Okay, we've established that I can't talk about Ari without getting angry, so let's move on. When I read the first novel, I was "meh" about it. Wasn't sure if I was going to read the second novel. Then I found it on NetGalley, sent a request for shits and giggles, and was accepted for the copy. So yeah, I read it. I'm glad I did because the story is now at rest with me, but I wouldn't have died if I didn't get the novel. It was just nice to have the end of their story wrapped up. But it was a long and bumpy ride.

I love Ben. He is so into Ari it's sickening to watch as an outside, but would be an amazing feeling to feel if it was directed toward myself. He is always thrown with his feelings and he's always thinking about other people rather than himself. And he has sacrificed so much to help others, which is an admirable trait to have.

I think this will be a hit or miss for most readers. Depends on how they feel about Ari's decisions, in the end. I liked it, but I needed Ari to be more of a fighter than a flighter, but in the end it was a good series. Glad I got to read it and see how the ending was wrapped up.

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