Monday, July 4, 2011

Academy 7

When reading the back of this book, I was not prepared for the setting of the story. It just seemed like two students were going to a prestigious boarding school and were rivals because they wanted to be the best in all of their classes and found that they were competing for that first place slot.

That is definitely not the case! The setting for this story is somewhere in the far future, where civilians live on different planets and they fly from one planet to the other. There is one diplomatic system and then each planet has their own ruler to carry out the rules.

Aerin was rescued when her ship was stuck in space: she wasn't able to reach another planet or another fueling station. After she was rescued, she took a series of tests on the ship, but wasn't told why. A few weeks later, she got a letter in the mail saying she was accepted at Academy 7, a very prestigious school where she would have to prove that she should stay there.

Dane is another student who was accepted to the school, and he is a celebrity because his father is the General of the government and also an alumni of Academy 7. When Aerin starts beating Dane in all of the tests - mental and physical - he starts to wonder why she doesn't recognize him and delves deeper into the mystery of her past, and, as he finds out later, his past as well.

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