Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Between Here and Forever

I've read a couple of Elizabeth Scott's books in the past and just haven't really gotten into them. I decided to try this book, Between Here and Forever, because the storyline seemed really good and I always hear great things about Scott's books. While this book wasn't my favorite, I did enjoy it more than the other books that I've read of hers.

Abby is a younger sister, to Tess, the perfect daughter. Abby is 3 years younger and always seems to be in the shadow of Tess. Tess had perfect grades, perfect looks, perfect hair, and always got the guys to follow her around like little puppies. Abby has accepted the fact that she will never be as good as Tess is as life and that she will be in her shadow until she can go away to college where no one knows Tess.

Then, Tess gets into a car accident and goes into a coma. She's been in a coma for 6 weeks with no improvement. Abby sees this gorgeous guy in the hospital and realizes that if she can get the guy to talk to Tess, Tess will wake up and fall in love with this amazing, great looking guy.

The more time that Abby gets to know Eli (the gorgeous hunk), the more Abby starts to like him herself. And then, Abby starts to really look at who the person Tess was before her accident and see that Tess might not have been the perfect person that Abby really remembers when growing up.

This story is very relateable. I'm an older sister of 2, so I can't relate to Abby that much but I can definitely see where readers who are younger sisters have to follow in the footsteps of their older sister and feel as if they are invisible or not good enough. I think many young teen girls will fully appreciate this story because of what Abby goes through her whole life, and the experience she gets when she finds out about Tess's past.

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