Thursday, July 28, 2011


Jill competes in the sport of fencing, and she misses going to the next level of competition by half a second when her opponent hits her first. A few months after that disappointment, Jill goes on vacation with her parents and 2 younger siblings, where she's supposed to relax and enjoy the time off from practice and working out to be better in fencing.

On the beach at their vacation site, Jill finds a tip of a rapier sword, all rusted and unused. She then goes on a tour boat for one of the features during her vacation and falls off of the boat, with the rapier tip in her pocket! When she is fished out of the water, she's surrounded by real life pirates, hundreds of years in the past!

Jill is trying to survive day by day with the pirates, following Captain Cooper's order, who thankfully is a female pirate. While scrubbing the deck and getting a horrible sunburn, and dry skin on her hands, Jill tries to find ways to go back home to her family and her time, many years in the future.

Throughout the entire time she's on the ship with her new "crew", Jill learns to fight with a rapier instead of the padded swords she used in her fencing competition, and she learns to take care of herself more and more among the unpredictable pirates that surround her.

I liked this book. I thought it was going to be different, but it turned out to be an alright book. I really liked reading and understanding more about how fencing works since I've never seen or done fencing before. This book had a little bit of a slow start, but I liked the ending and the action that took place.

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