Thursday, July 7, 2011


Love this dress!

Insatiable is a new series that Meg Cabot is currently writing. If you've ever read Meg Cabot, don't expect anything like her old work in this novel! This isn't about teens - it's about an adult, Meena Harper. I can see the similarities in her writing in this book, but the topic is about vampires - something Meg Cabot hasn't done yet. 

So, Meena hates vampires. But she's a writer for a famous television station and the popular tv show she writes wants to incorporate vampires into the show now. Other shows are already doing that and they are getting higher views than Meena's job. 

What Meena didn't see coming (and she can see more than the average human) is that vampires would start to follow her around and she would get caught up in the middle of a vampire war! See, Meena has visions and can see how someone would die. She always tries to warn everyone, but strangers who she accidentally touches won't believe her and Meena feels like in some way it's her fault that she didn't try hard enough to keep them alive. 

When Meena touched Lucien for the first time, she didn't see his death. Later, she realizes he's a vampire, so he's already dead! Then Alaric, a vampire hunter, comes along causing Meena to wonder if Lucien is as evil as Alaric says or not really. 

Like I said, if you've ever read Meg Cabot's other series (1-800-Where-Are-YouMediator Series, etc.) this is definitely not like that (topic and age wise). This book is very humorous, and sometimes makes fun of vampires - a new for today's books devoted to vampires. Also, the second book came out this month (Overbite)!

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