Thursday, July 14, 2011


Lauren Kate does a great job with this new installment of her series Fallen. Luce and Daniel have fallen in love with each other for over 5,000 years. Everytime they meet, though, Luce dies a tragic death by fire whenever her and Daniel kiss, creating the next incarceration of Luce's soul into her next life. We found out in the first novel, Fallen that the Luce in our time somehow didn't die when she kissed Daniel.

In this new novel, Luce wants to know why. Why are Daniel and Luce cursed to never loving one another? Why is this time different than the last 5,000 years? And why does Daniel keep continuing this horrible cycle where he has to watch one Luce die after another with no hope of living his life with her?

This was written so well! I was hooked from the very beginning when Luce jumps into an Announcer, a shadow that will take the person wherever they want to go. This whole book, Luce is jumping from one time period to another trying to answer all of her questions. She goes 4,000 years back in time, from places like Ancient Egypt, China, Mesoamerica, Prussia, and many more! (I would love to see this as a movie and how they incorporate the scenes at these amazing locations!)

Through these encounters with her past selves, her past souls, Luce finally sees what really happens between her and Daniel. She fully appreciates Daniel's choices, and she realizes what she wants for her and the Daniel during her time (2009). Now she wants to go back and tell Daniel everything she experienced, but she may have overstepped too much during her journey...

A great read, I highly recommend it. However, YOU MUST READ THE FIRST TWO NOVELS BEFOREHAND!!! If you don't, you'll never figure out what is going on when they think about the times Luce and Daniel have during the present time. There is one more novel, the conclusion, to this series, Rapture, that will be released Spring 2012!!! Read the first 3 books during this winter and spring season to be ready for the epic conclusion to this series! 

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