Monday, July 11, 2011

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

Sam is a college drop out working at a fast food joint, living day by day. The worst things he has to decide is whether he wants to work on the fryer or at the cash register (which, by the way, the fryer is his choice but usually gets stuck at the register putting on a happy face for rude customers).

During one of his shifts, though, a man comes in and changes Sam's life completely. It turns out that Sam is a necromancer, one who can see spirits, control the dead and spirits, and pretty much do anything with the dead. The man in question that changed Sam's life is none other than Douglas Montgomery, the leader of the Council and the most powerful necromancer in Seattle.

After that shocking news, Sam confronts his mother, who turns out to be a witch, gets trapped in a cage with a were-hybrid (werewolf and fey), is presented with his coworkers decapitated head as a "message", and found out he has 2 half sisters who are also necromancers. Now Sam wishes he was back at the cash register...

This was definitely a different novel than most YA books. This is for an older YA, since all of the characters are around 19 years old and they aren't going to school. Also, the topic is something I've never read about. I wasn't even sure what a necromancer was at the beginning; thankfully it was explained throughout the novel.

Overall, I think Lish McBride did an amazing job creating a new, fresh genre for YA and adults at the same time. So far I don't think there is a sequel to this book, but it ended in a way that it wouldn't need another book, so I hope it will be a stand alone.

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