Friday, July 29, 2011

Wild Ride

Now doesn't this cover capture your
When reading the back of this book, I didn't think that I would be able to fully understand the story because it clearly stated that it was a sequel to another book. However, every time I went to the library this book spine and cover just kept grabbing my attention and I always picked it up, knowing that I've already read the blurb, so I gave in and checked it out.

It actually wasn't that bad of a book. It's very short and easy to read, and reading about a girl in love with motorcycles was a different twist for me. It definitely isn't my favorite book, but it was a nice little read and following January's experiences with the new boarder at her house, Willow (another motorcyclist), and her feelings about the nerdy computer boy, Liam, at school was definitely entertaining for most of the story.

Jacqueline Guest did a really great job with this book in showing January's thoughts, and if I can find time, and more of Jacqueline's books, I might try and read a few more of her novels that she's written.

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