Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Opposite of Invisible

Alice is a typical 15 year old girl. She's not too popular at school, has a best friend named Jewel who is very artistic and his photos are liked by many at her school, and she tries to find her place throughout the many different cliques at school. So when popular, football boy Simon starts to pay attention to Alice, she's both flattered and stunned, thinking that no one ever saw her except Jewel (and they've been friends since they were 3).

At the same time Alice and Simon started to talk to one another, Jewel kissed Alice, showing her that he wants to be more than friends. Alice has to decide if she wants her old friend as more than a friend or if she wants the popularity that comes with being with Simon.

Along with that mess, Alice goes to a glassmaking class and is surprised to see a popular cheerleader from her school there, giving her an incentive to talk to another person she thought was out of her reach in the social ladder. Throughout this novel, Alice learns that just because some are labeled in certain cliques, doesn't always mean that the clique has to define the person.

This was a nice little read, only 151 pages and it showed the inner struggles Alice went through with all of her decisions. Many high school students will like this story because it will probably reflect some part of their lives in high school and they questions they come up with based on their friends, boyfriends, and enemies.

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