Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Happened to Goodbye

I love Sarah Dessen. I got into a period where I found all of her books and read them all, picking my favorite one out of the bunch. While I really liked What Happened to Goodbye, it wasn't my all time favorite of hers.

Mclean has moved to 4 different places in the last 2 years. Her dad is a representative of EAT INC. and goes to restaurants that aren't doing so well, changed the appearance, food, staff, etc. to make it better, and then moves on to the next location. Each time Mclean is enrolled into a new school, she decides to change herself. One time she was a preppy cheerleader, another she was involved in every club or association, etc.

When Mclean moves to her last place before she graduates high school, she was making a new identity when somehow she was being called Mclean by her classmates and teachers. Usually she fixes that mistake and says, call me ______ (like Eliza or Beth). Now she's starting to try and find her real identity instead of the people she's made up in the past 2 years.

While all of this is happening, Mclean is also trying to get past the hatred she feels for her mother because 3 years ago her mom cheated on her dad, got a divorce, and is now a rich wife with twins to boot. Her mom wants everything to go back to normal with Mclean, but Mclean doesn't want her old life because her parents aren't together anymore and everything is different.

This was a great story. I love Sarah Dessen's writing and it really entrapt me when I was reading. I would have done the same thing as Mclean with what she did with her mom, but I think it would be very interesting to try and be a part of different cliques every school. I can't imagine being in one clique, let only 4!

If you've ever read any of Sarah Dessen's books, this is a must read. If you've never read her books, you MUST!!! They are great, realistic reads and will make you laugh at times.

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