Friday, April 13, 2012

BED4 Day #13: Friday the 13th

Do you think Friday the 13th is a good luck day, or a bad luck day? Or do you not care either way?

I absolutely think it's a GOOD luck day. But that might be because I was born on a Friday the 13th, so I may be biased on this subject. 

I remember when I was younger (and okay, even now when I'm in my 20's...) that I always waited for my birthday to land on a Friday again. And if one year was on a Thursday and the next year was leap year? Definitely  made me upset!

Actually, if I remember correctly, my birthday did land on a Friday last year.... Yep, that's right, it did. This year is leap year and now my birthday is on Mother's Day. So I was a happy camper last year :)

I just stumbled upon this article when looking for a photo to put in this blog (link included in the title) Friday the 13th: a history of superstition. I found it quite entertaining, especially the part about babies born on Friday the 13th!

Anywho, speaking of Friday the 13th... Even though I love the day, I think it's absolutely good luck, and I'm quite obsessed with it actually... I have never seen the movies titled Friday the 13th

Is that weird? It might be. But on the other hand, those movies are all about bad luck happening to the characters, so my self-conscious might have told me those movies are not about my special, good luck day haha. 

I hope you have a wonderful (or dreary, like it is where I live) Friday the 13th, and the start of your weekend!

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