Thursday, April 19, 2012

Forget You by Jennifer Echols

Things in Zoey's life were going pretty good. She was the captain of the swim team, she was known at school, and she had a great chance to get a scholarship for college next year.

But then her father got his 24 year old mistress pregnant (only 7 years older than Zoey), causing her parents to divorce and her mother to start taking sleeping pills. 3 months after the shocking news, Zoey's mother tries to commit suicide.

Zoey found her in time, but she was sent to an institute and Zoey was forced to live with her father.

But that's not the only thing that was wrong. Zoey starting dating Brandon, the player of the school. They've been friends for years, Zoey heard all of his "conquest" stories and gave Brandon tips and helpful advice about the girls he slept with.

After a car accident, Zoey is woken up stuck in her crashed car not by her boyfriend Brandon, but by Doug, a guy who has hated her since 9th grade. Only, he doesn't act like he hates her. In fact, he acts like they are a couple now.

Zoey can't remember anything that happened from the football game til the car crash when she wakes up. What happened? Why wasn't Brandon, her boyfriend, with her? Why does Doug not hate her anymore, but actually acts as though he likes her? Read Forget You by Jennifer Echols to find out!

My Thoughts/Reflections
This book captivated me! I read it in one sitting so it was an easy read and an addictive story. I really liked Zoey. She tried to be so perfect at the beginning of the story, making sure everything was perfect at home with her mom, keeping the house clean, being the perfect daughter.

When she was with her dad, I got so angry at him because he was so mean to Zoey, when all she wanted was to make him happy. Then with her mother trying to commit suicide, I just wanted to be there for Zoey as a friend she could lean on.

The tension between Zoey and Doug is off the charts. At first Zoey thinks that Doug hates her. He went to juvie in 8th grade and when he came back, he had a distinct icy, nasty look every time Zoey was in the same room with him. But as the story goes on, the tension turns from hatred to maybe them liking each other?

There is a lot of subject matter that is covered in this book, but Jennifer Echols did a wonderful job with each topic.

I would definitely recommend this novel to any teen girl who's been confused by a boy. And also any teen girl who has to keep secrets from their friends. I really enjoyed this book and I think other readers will like it as well!

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