Friday, April 27, 2012

BED4 Day #27: Summer Movies

There are a ton of movies coming out this summer that I'm really interested to see if they are any good or not. I'm not one who goes to the theaters (except religiously when a new Harry Potter came out) so we'll see if I'm tempted to see any of these in theaters this summer:

  • May 4: The Avengers - I've seen most of the individual movies and the trailer makes this movie look great!
  • May 11: Dark Shadows - Good old Johnny Depp. This looks hilarious, even if it's not Pirates
  • May 18: Battleship - Taylor Kitsch? Alexander Skargard? Yes, and yes!
  • June 1Snow White and the Huntsman - Love Chris Hemsworth. On the rocks about Kristen Stewart... Maybe she'll make up for her lack of performance from Twilight in this movie. 
  • June 8: Safety Not Guaranteed - This looks funny and something new/unique. It may be worth a rental fee after it's out in theaters. 
  • June 22: Brave - A girl who breaks a family tradition and goes off on her own. Loved Despicable Me so I'm sure I'll love this one as well!
  • July 6: Savages - This might just be because Taylor Kitsch is in it... I'm not sure yet. 
  • July 27: Step Up Revolution - I loved the first 2 movies in this series (didn't enjoy the 3rd though). This one looks really good and something original from the Step Up movies. 
There are others that seem interesting, but none that I think would tempt me to go to the movie theaters for. I doubt I'll go to 1, much less any in theaters, but, who knows? I might get bored and become adventurous ;-)

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