Friday, April 20, 2012

BED4 Day #20: Goodreads vs. LibraryThing

Are you a fan of Goodreads? Or how about LibraryThing? I have both accounts, although many people that I know only have one or the other. I use both of them daily, both for storing the books that I read and for finding new books that might interest me.

For Goodreads, I catalog my Young Adult novels. I'm not sure how I came to do that, really. However, because I have strictly limited it to YA, all of my recommendations are YA, giving me more novels to view and possibly order through the library.

The recommendation section is really great. I find a lot of novels that I'm dying to read because of what I've been recommended through Goodreads. I also like the section where others are asking for recommendations. I've given a few only when I've read the novels they are looking for similar works, so it's a very helpful process.

I also like Goodreads because each book has a summary. It is very well organized and the creators of Goodreads has done a fantastic job keeping up with novels that are part of a series.

Goodreads is free to use and relatively easy to find friends or follow authors that you love.

On the other hand, I really enjoy LibraryThing. This online cataloging site, for me, is used for ALL of my books. I've made 12 different categories/shelves where I keep a very detailed recording of the books that I've read.

I have the books that I own, along with the subject of the book (for example, it will be in "Your Library" and "Young Adult") and I also have a section of the books that I've read, but do not own, along with the subject (for example, "Read But Unowned" and "Read (Romance)").

This keeps is very organized for me, and if I want to get a series that I absolutely loved, I can see which ones I've just read and buy them.

One downside to LibraryThing is after uploading/adding 200 novels, the site requires you to pay a certain amount of money to add more. I have over 1,300 books on it now, but with only $20 you can be a lifetime member and never have to pay again.

I have two different uses for these two similar book cataloging sites. I think Goodreads has more publicity and is very good about being updated with new books, but LibraryThing is the "Master" site for all of my books to keep me organized and to remember what books I've read as a whole.

If I had to pick only one to use, I would probably pick Goodreads because I can always add more shelves to include the rest of my books. But I'm glad I don't have to choose :-)

Do you have either account? Both accounts? Which one do you enjoy having and do you use them regularly or just when you happen to remember that it exists?

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