Sunday, April 29, 2012

BED4 Day #29: Blog Stats

For some reason, I always go to my blog stats to see what everyone has looked at on my blog. I think I just get excited whenever I get an audience and I want to see what they are interested in.

Ironically, the top 3 most viewed blog posts are TV shows, even though I review more YA books than TV shows.

So, which ones are the winners?

  1. Wildfire - TV Series (with 215 views)
  2. True Blood vs. Vampire Diaries (with 141 views)
  3. Friday Night Lights (TV Show) (with 89 views)

The fourth highest viewed post is a book with 82 views, but Friday Night Lights has only been up for a month - maybe it will get higher after another month. 

Now I wonder if I should review more TV shows, but I made this blog for YA books... I just did the TV show posts because I was behind on reading/blogging and was more focused on watching said TV shows. 

Or I was too obsessed about the TV shows and had to write about it since my sister got tired of listening to me talk about it!

Does anyone else look at their blog stats? Just curious to see if I'm the only one. 

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