Thursday, April 19, 2012

BED4 Day #19: TILT

Things I Love Thursday Week #3:
  • Bridesmaid: I was asked Monday to be in one of my high school friend's wedding! So excited for her!
  • 1/4 Job Position: While I'm waiting to get a full time job, I was offered a "job when needed" at my small township library in my town. I'm basically going to manage the desk until one of the librarians can come in, but it's 1) public library experience 2) something to put on my resume and 3) a way to not waste so much time haha.
  • Vampire Diaries!: It's back! Tonight! I'm so excited, if you can't tell by my exclamations :)
  • FYE: "For Your Entertainment" - I got the Ocean's movies for under $10 at the electronic store. I've been wanting to own/see them for awhile now. 
  • eBooks: I know, I know, these have been here for years now. I have not gotten an eReader, though. I just found out that I can download a free Kindle app on my computer, and I found free eBooks on Amazon... I'm a very happy owner of free books on my computer. Things are right in the world.

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