Sunday, April 1, 2012

BED4 Day #1: Introduction

Hello everyone! This is my first time participating in Blogging Every Day in April (BED4), even though Becky has tried to get me involved for the past 4 years. I had no excuse this year to not participate, so I was stuck when she asked the other day ;-)

I'll just do this first post as an introduction of myself since I don't know many of you.

My name's Jeraca, I just got my Master's in Library and Information Science, now currently looking for a job (which is a tedious task, I tell ya), and in my spare time I watch TV shows/movies, occasionally enjoy the nice weather outside, read mainly Young Adult novels (which I try to post on this blog as often as possible), and I love ice cream.

Oh! Happy April Fool's Day! It's also a special day today since it's Brandee's, my dog, 12th birthday! Here's a picture of the birthday girl:

This was her last year on her birthday with her new
presents - I haven't gotten around to take one today yet.
She's currently doing her usual routine - sleeping on her side of my bed with the blanket shown above. Maybe we'll have a little "celebration" later on today.

Now, onto the BED4 idea I have.

Since this year we don't have a set topic/theme for every day, I'm going to try to connect my BEDA posts with my YA blog (I want to try to keep up with my book reviews). Whatever book I review during Monday-Friday I'll take a theme from the book and put myself in the character's position. I don't know how long this will last, but I think it will be fun and you're more than welcome to chime in on your ideas for the theme/question I come up with from the book.

Or if you've read the book and remember something else from it, you can certainly talk about that instead.

I'll have two posts Monday-Friday (or I'll try if I keep up with my readings every week) so you can read my reviews if you like or you can just skip to the BED4 post.

Okay, time to give my dog her present! I'll "see" ya around throughout the month, and it will be nice to meet everyone! :-)

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